SMPP Gateway

SMPP Gateway

The SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) Gateway is a protocol utilized by the telecommunications industry for seamless exchange of SMS messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) and External Short Messaging Entities (ESME). The SMPP protocol is transmitted via TCP/IP, enabling swift and efficient delivery of SMS messages.

The Messaging Platform employs the SMPP v3.4 Protocol Specification Issue 1.5. It is worth noting that our platform is designed to maintain backward compatibility with SMPP v3.3. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to both this document and the SMPP v3.4 Specification v1.5 to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the functionality and features associated with SMPP. Prior familiarity with SMPP is assumed while reading this documentation.

CPaaS Alerts has multiple SMPP servers for you to connect to. Each SMPP server offers the ability to connect to it via the regular (plaintext) method or via a TLS1.0 or better connection.

Here is an overview of the available servers:

Hostname Plain Port TLS Port 3634 3635 3634 3635
Mandatory TLV Tag value Decimal Tag value Hex
PE_ID 5120 1400
Template_ID 5121 1401
Telemarketer_ID(TM_ID) 51212 1402

Clients may connect to the Messaging Platform Server multiple numbers of times. This may be of importance if the client wishes to deploy multiple applications simultaneously. To connect to the platform, one needs to specify the following parameters:

IP Address and Port: This is the TCP/IP endpoint on which the ESME should connect to the platform.

Username: This is the username (system_id) of your account configured on the Platform

Password: Password for the above account. Required for security reasons to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

System_type: Set the system_type field to smpp.

Interface_version: The client application should connect with the interface_version field set to 0x34 (52 decimal), if it is using SMPP v3.4, otherwise the Platformassumes that the application uses SMPP v3.3.

enquire_link: The application should issue an enquire_link every minute. This will ensure the link stays active even when it is not in use. The Messaging Platform will automatically disconnect any link which is inactive for more than 5mins.

Upon setting up an SMPP account for you, you will receive the maximum number of allowed binds and a designated maximum throughput. Typically, these values may be set to something like 3 binds and 50 messages per second.

It’s worth noting that these values are enforced on a per-server basis. In the example mentioned above, you can establish a total of 9 binds and achieve a combined throughput of 150 messages per second when connecting to all servers.

Please be aware that for maintenance purposes, we can only guarantee the availability of one server at any given time. Therefore, we strongly advise connecting to all servers to ensure uninterrupted service.

CPaaS Alerts Alerts employs a message relaying system that is connection and server agnostic. This means that when you send an MT message via a submit_sm PDU on connection A, you may receive the corresponding DLR in the form of a deliver_sm on connection B, given that both connections are bound with the same username.

Importantly, this holds true even if the connections are established with different servers. For example, if connection A is made to the smpp01 server and connection B to the smpp02 server, the scenario described above would still apply.

Submission Types

Messages may be submitted with either submit_sm or data_sm, using either the short_message or message_payload fields. The message length may not exceed the byte limit for the network that the message is being sent to (for example 140 bytes on GSM networks).

The Platform does not support submit_multi. If the same message has to be sent to multiple destinations, each message must be sent separately.

Concatenated messages are supported by using the User Data Header (UDH), which is included in the message size byte limit.

Submit Responses

A positive response to a submit will contain an error code of zero and a non-null message reference.

A negative response will contain a vendor specific error code. The complete set of SMPP Error Codes and their associated values are defined in the following table.

Error Number Error Name Error Description
0x00000000 ESME_ROK No Error
0x00000001 ESME_RINVMSGLEN Message too long
0x00000002 ESME_RINVCMDLEN Command length is invalid
0x00000003 ESME_RINVCMDID Command ID is invalid or not supported
0x00000004 ESME_RINVBNDSTS Incorrect bind status for given command
0x00000005 ESME_RALYBND Already bound
0x00000006 ESME_RINVPRTFLG Invalid Priority Flag
0x00000007 ESME_RINVREGDLVFLG Invalid registered delivery flag
0x00000008 ESME_RSYSERR System error
0x0000000A ESME_RINVSRCADR Invalid source address
0x0000000B ESME_RINVDSTADR Invalid destination address
0x0000000C ESME_RINVMSGID Message ID is invalid
0x0000000D ESME_RBINDFAIL Bind failed
0x0000000E ESME_RINVPASWD Invalid password
0x0000000F ESME_RINVSYSID Invalid System ID
0x00000011 ESME_RCANCELFAIL Cancelling message failed
0x00000013 ESME_RREPLACEFAIL Message recplacement failed
0x00000014 ESME_RMSSQFUL Message queue full
0x00000015 ESME_RINVSERTYP Invalid service type
0x00000033 ESME_RINVNUMDESTS Invalid number of destinations
0x00000034 ESME_RINVDLNAME Invalid distribution list name
0x00000040 ESME_RINVDESTFLAG Invalid destination flag
0x00000042 ESME_RINVSUBREP Invalid submit with replace request
0x00000043 ESME_RINVESMCLASS Invalid esm class set
0x00000044 ESME_RCNTSUBDL Invalid submit to ditribution list
0x00000045 ESME_RSUBMITFAIL Submitting message has failed
0x00000048 ESME_RINVSRCTON Invalid source address type of number ( TON )
0x00000049 ESME_RINVSRCNPI Invalid source address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x00000050 ESME_RINVDSTTON Invalid destination address type of number ( TON )
0x00000051 ESME_RINVDSTNPI Invalid destination address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x00000053 ESME_RINVSYSTYP Invalid system type
0x00000054 ESME_RINVREPFLAG Invalid replace_if_present flag
0x00000055 ESME_RINVNUMMSGS Invalid number of messages
0x00000058 ESME_RTHROTTLED Throttling error
0x00000061 ESME_RINVSCHED Invalid scheduled delivery time
0x00000062 ESME_RINVEXPIRY Invalid Validty Period value
0x00000063 ESME_RINVDFTMSGID Predefined message not found
0x00000064 ESME_RX_T_APPN ESME Receiver temporary error
0x00000065 ESME_RX_P_APPN ESME Receiver permanent error
0x00000066 ESME_RX_R_APPN ESME Receiver reject message error
0x00000067 ESME_RQUERYFAIL Message query request failed
0x000000C0 ESME_RINVTLVSTREAM Error in the optional part of the PDU body
0x000000C1 ESME_RTLVNOTALLWD TLV not allowed
0x000000C2 ESME_RINVTLVLEN Invalid parameter length
0x000000C3 ESME_RMISSINGTLV Expected TLV missing
0x000000C4 ESME_RINVTLVVAL Invalid TLV value
0x000000FE ESME_RDELIVERYFAILURE Transaction delivery failure
0x000000FF ESME_RUNKNOWNERR Unknown error
0x00000100 ESME_RSERTYPUNAUTH ESME not authorised to use specified servicetype
0x00000101 ESME_RPROHIBITED ESME prohibited from using specified operation
0x00000102 ESME_RSERTYPUNAVAIL Specified servicetype is unavailable
0x00000103 ESME_RSERTYPDENIED Specified servicetype is denied
0x00000104 ESME_RINVDCS Invalid data coding scheme
0x00000105 ESME_RINVSRCADDRSUBUNIT Invalid source address subunit
0x00000106 ESME_RINVSTDADDRSUBUNIR Invalid destination address subunit
0x0000040B ESME_RINVBALANCE Insufficient credits to send message

The Messaging Platform supports the following two types of data coding schemes: - GSM 03.38 Encoding (default) - Latin 1 (ISO-8859-1) encoding

The default character set is GSM 338. Although for data_coding=1 the character set GSM 03.38 is supported it is NOT RECOMMENDED, as it is known to cause problems with character encoding. Please set data_coding = 3 for ISO-8859-1(if and only if told so explicitly) encoded messages and data_coding=0 for GSM 03.38 encoded messages.

For Unicode messages you have to set data_coding = 8 and the message is expected in UTF-16 Big Endean format.

The Messaging Platform will return a delivery report (Intermediate and/or final depending on the route) for a specific message to the client application when the registered_delivery field, while submitting the message, is set to 1. In order to retrieve the delivery report from our server the client will have to connect to the Messaging Platform in the receiver or transceiver mode

Status and error code which can be returned by Messaging Platform.

Code Status Status Description
000 DELIVRD Delivered to SIM.
001 INVALID-SUB Unidentified subscriber.
002 INVALID-SUB Illegal subscriber
003 ABSENT-SUB Unidentified subscriber.
004 HANDSET-ERR Illegal equipment
005 BARRED SMS is prohibited
006 HANDSET-ERR MS does not support SMS
007 HANDSET-ERR MS receiving error
008 NET-ERR Facility not supported.
009 MEMEXEC Handset memory full
010 ABSENT-SUB Absent subscriber
011 FAILED SMSC system failure
012 NET-ERR Gateway mobile switching error
013 MOB-OFF Mobile handset switched off
014 FAILED SMS undelivered due to roaming limitation
015 INVALID-SUB Unidentified subscriber
016 HANDSET-BUSY Subscriber is busy.
017 NET-ERR Resource cannot be used at GMSC level
018 SERIES-BLK Series blocked
019 NET-ERR Submission error or invalid input data
020 BARRED CUG reject
021 EXPIRED SMS timeout
034 UNDELIV Unknown Error
045 FAILED Unknown Error
099 UNDELIV Unknown Error
400 SERIES-BLOCK Series has been temporary / permanently blocked.
401 NO-CREDITS Credit exhausted.
402 NO-ACCOUNT Invalid account.
403 SERVER-ERR Unknown Error
404 INV-NUMBER Invalid destination number
405 SERVER-ERR ESME client error
406 SERVER-ERR ESME client error
407 SPAM Sent illegal content
408 DNDNUMB Number registered in dnd database.
430 SERVER-ERR Unknown Error
431 SERVER-ERR Unknown Error
432 SERVER-ERR Unknown Error
433 SERVER-ERR Unknown Error
450 BLACKLST Number blocklisted to receive messages
451 SNDR-BLOCK Sender Id been blocked
452 TEMPLATE-NOT-FOUND No matching templates
453 INV-TEMPLATE Message rejected as template not allotted for ESME
454 INV-SENDER Message rejected as sender id not allotted for ESME
455 NOT-OPTIN Message rejected as number not in optin list
456 OPTOUT-REJ Rejected as number optout to receive messages
457 PROMO-TMOUT Promotional time exceeded
458 REJECTED Unknown Error
459 NOTALLOWED Country not allowed to send sms
460 DUPLICATE Same content sent
461 UNDELIV Unknown Error
462 FAILED Unknown Error
463 THROTTLED Maximum Sent Limit is Reached
778 REJ-MULTIPART All message parts are not delivered to handset
777 DLT-REJECTED Invalid Sender-Id or Invalid Template
780 DLT-INV-TMID Invalid DLT telemarketer Id
781 DLT-INV-ENTITY Invalid Entity DLT Id
782 DLT-INV-TM-ID Invalid DLT Template Id
783 DLT-TM-VAR-EXECEED Template variable exceeded 30 chars
784 DLT-ENTITY-NOT-FOUND Entity Id not found
785 DLT-TM-BLACKLST Template Id blacklisted
786 DLT-ENTITY-BLACKLST Entity Id blacklisted
787 DLT-HEADER-INACTIVE Sender Inactive
788 DLT-TM-INACTIVE Template is Inactive
789 DLT-SENDER-NOT-REG-TM Sender not registered for template
790 INV-PROVISION Sender Invalid Provision
791 INV-SERVICE Invalid Service Type
792 INV-SCHEDULE Invalid Schedule

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