Callback is a functionality to get notified through an API call when a call is completed. One needs to follow below steps to achieve valid callback

Name Descriptions
to Phone number to which call has connected
start_at Call Start time in YYYY-MM-DD h:i:s format
end_at Call end time in YYYY-MM-DD h:i:s format
duration Duration of the call in seconds (first call)
status Call Status
recording_url Recording Url if call got recorded

You can also use our build in filters to change data while passing to your system.

Buildin filters are cut and data_format. Filters are seperated by |

Ex: if you want to get the last 10 digits of the from number: {from|cut:-10}

Ex: Want to get start_at date in DD/MM/YYYY : {start_at|date_format:d/m/Y}

Example Callback Url


Webook value can be provided while doing the campaign from panel.

If you are doing OBD using api, we need to send callback paramater to send webhook url.

  • The response codes other than 200 or 202 are not taken into consideration and requests for such response codes are considered as failed.

  • The method used for sending the callback report onto the client’s URL is GET.